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Recently released our new Roof Mounted Fresh Air Systems are perfect for your wheelhouse or even a cabin that requires fresh air input as an alternative to air conditioning the space.

Developed to meet Aus Ships' recently built new Brisbane river ferries, these systems are ordered as a complete kit, are simple to install and will help to keep your wheelhouse cool without exposing yourself to any weather conditions. 

We have supplied quite a few of these into the ferry industry but they also work well in small outboard patrol and pursuit craft when you are wanting to keep weight to a minimum and avoid the expense of running air conditioning. The fans are very power efficient and draw minimal power. 

Whats Included In A The Roof Mounted Fresh Air System?

Built to a standard size, our roof mounted systems include:
  • Custom designed rear facing intake hood with a built in two stage Air Intake Grille
  • A compact 10 inch 24v fan and duct with a built in air diffuser
  • The fan is wired to a potentiometer so as to regulate the air volume and noise.
  • Ceiling panel with a stylish cover and air directional input.


  • This System has been designed to  bring in fresh air into a cabin space where air conditioning is not being used.  
  • The Grilles has been designed to be mounted on the roof of the cabin with the specially designed 24v dc backward curved fan mount inside the grille 
  • This fan have been designed to handle high pressure at a low noise rate and still move a decent amount of air around the room. 
  • The system has a round air diffuser mounted in a standard style ceiling tile to fit in seamlessly with the rest of the ceiling
  • A flex duct is connected from the fan the air diffuser to ensure all the fresh air is direct straight into the cabin and not into the ceiling cavity. 
  • A 10-turn fan speed controller is wired into the fan this controller can control up 10 fans from the one controller and can be either mount in the bridge or at a control station the cabin.

All Systems Come Standard With:

  • Fan Housing from Fibre Reinforced Plastic.
  • Synthetic Impeller - Corrosion Proof.
  • Sealed marinized motor316 stainless steel fasteners
  • IP44 Rated
  • Ceiling diffuser
  • Flexible ducting pre mounted to fan
  • Powder coated to required colour
  • Install kit complete with everything to fit up to your vessel
Supplied with a full replacement 3 year warranty

Finished Product Details

Voltage:24 volt DC
AMP Draw:6.5A
Air Volume - Ltr/Sec420 l/s
DB Level @ 1.5M73 DB
DB Level @ 4M66DB
KG (complete unit)21KG
Roof Mounted Fresh Air System - Spec Data Sheet

Click on the link below to download our Roof Mounted Fresh Air System Specifications  Sheet (Spec Data Sheet).

Roof Mounted Fresh Air System Data Sheet

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These systems are prices at $3300.00 and are constructed to standard sizes.

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A Roof Mounted Fresh Air System in place

One of our fresh air systems in place in a Brisbane River ferry. This system is keeping the wheelhouse cool and was installed quickly and easily.

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