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A-60 Stainless Steel Air Dampers

A-60 - Automatic Release Air Dampers (Fire Flaps)

Along with our own stainless steel air dampers, we can also supply A-60 Certified dampers if your vessel is in survey or needs to meet USCG or SOLAS & are also Register Certified to Lloyds IMO Fire Test Procedures.

A necessary component of an engine room system, these A-60 Dampers are stainless steel and have an automatically controlled release mechanism. They cannot be supplied with mechanical or manual triggers.

Controls for these A-60 rated air dampers are located outside of the duct work for ease of installation and access. 

At a temperature of 74°C the fail-safe is triggered and the louvre blades will spring shut closing the damper and preventing any further supply of oxygen to your engine room. The actuator will also trip if the power supply to the system is turned off.  The closure of the damper blades will allow your fire suppression equipment the best possible operational parameters. 

These stainless steel dampers can be supplied on their own or typically with our Air Intake Grilles and either our High Volume Fans  or our Compact Fans for a complete engine room ventilation system. 

  • These S/S Marine Fire Damper is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications, with airflow in either direction. They can also be mounted together as a pair in either a horizontal or vertical layout.
  • The dampers are tested to IMO fire test procedures Code, Annex 1 Pt 3, are normally open, and fail-safe to the closed position. 
  • These Dampers are supplied with the blades in the fully interlocked closed position to avoid damage during transit and installation. It is recommended that the dampers remain closed until actual date of commissioning. 
  • All fire dampers are life safety products and must be treated with care during handling, storage and installation.
A60 Stainless Steel Air Damper

About A60 Air Dampers (Fire Flaps)

  • Manufactured to size and shape to suite the application.
  • Could be easily installed by an owner operator.
  •  Automatic release only.
  • Easy to reset after testing.
  • Can be supplied singly or in conjunction with air intake grilles or our AC or DC Fans.
  • Meets A-0, A-15, A-30 and A-60 classes.
  • USCG Approved 
  • SOLAS Compliant
  • Lloyds Register Certified to IMO Fire Test Procedures
Twin mounted A-60 air dampers

Why A-60 Air Dampers?

  • Lloyds Register Approved.
  • DNV-GL Approved.
  • ABS Approved
  • USCG Approved.
  • Transport Canada approved.
  • MED Marine Equipment Directive Compliant.
  • Fire tested to the latest IMO FTP code & in compliance international convention for the safety of life at sea (SOLAS)
  • Sira certification (Ex) category 2 equipment
  • Corrosion Tested - EN60068-2-52 severity 2 conditions
  • Vibration Tested – EN60068-2-6 (5Hz to 350Hz @2g)

Air Damper Details:

Finished Product Details

Footprint:Matches High Vol Ac/Dc Fan housing footprint
Class Suitable:A-0, A-15, A-30 & A-60
Materials:Stainless Steel 316 marine grade, fully welded.
Action:Automatic Actuator
Triggered Temperature:74 degrees Celsius.
Sizes:Custom built to order.
Accessories Available:
24V Damper actuator / Finger guards
A-60 Stainless Steel Air Dampers - Spec Data Sheet

These A-60 stainless steel air dampers are constructed to suit your application. Full spec data and installation docs will be supplied on order.


These A60 air dampers are supplied to order so we do not hold specific sizes in stock. This pricing chart will give you an idea of the cost per size. 

NB: These dampers are always quoted in USD.

MAFI Part CodeHeight "H"Wdith "W"Depth "D"KGCost
SSD-230/230/210 (150 also avail)230mm230mm210mm2.5kg$2255.00 USD (+ gst if applicable)
SSD-230/760/210 (150 also avail)230mm  760mm210mm5kg$2455.00 USD (+ gst if applicable)
SSD-230/1000/210 (150 also avail)230mm1000mm210mm7kg$2555.00 USD (+ gst if applicable)
SSD-310/310/210 (150 also avail)310mm310mm210mm3.5kg$2355.00 USD (+ gst if applicable)
SSD-310/620/210 (150 also avail)310mm620mm210mm5kg$2555.00 USD (+ gst if applicable)
SSD-420/420/210 (150 also avail)420mm420mm210mm4.5kg$2455.00 USD (+ gst if applicable)
SSD-420/760/210 (150 also avail)420mm760mm210mm7kg$2855.00 USD (+ gst if applicable)
SSD-420/1100/210 (150 also avail)420mm1100mm210mm9.5kg$3255.00 USD (+ gst if applicable)
SSD-520/520/210 (150 also avail)520mm520mm210mm6.5kg$2655.00 USD (+ gst if applicable)
SSD-620/620/210 (150 also avail)620mm620mm210mm8.5kg$2750.00 USD (+ gst if applicable)
SSD-880/880/210 (150 also avail) 620mm880mm210mm11kg$3675.00 USD (+ gst if applicable)

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