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Combination Ventilation Systems

Combination Marine Engine Room Ventilation Systems:

We can supply combination Engine Room Ventilation systems that incorporate Intake & Outlet Grilles, AC or DC Supply fans, Air Dampers, Air Diverters and accessories.

A fully integrated system will be quoted based on a variety of elements. Components such as your operating conditions, engine room setup, horsepower and even vessel configuration factor into the size of intake grilles, air flow required, placement of both intake and outlet grilles and whether or not automatically controlled air supply is required.

If you have a smaller vessel and do not require air dampers, we do manufacture a "Grille Combination System" that is a single air intake grille fitted to a duct box with either a single compact fan, or two fans for larger applications.  These systems are available in a single size and style to make them as cost effective as possible. 

Whats Included In A Combo System?

Based on your requirements, a combination system could consist of any or all of our products.
  • Mist eliminating intake and outlet grilles
  • Air Dampers
  • High Volume or Compact Fans or
  • Air diverters


Pricing for a complete system is on a quoted basis.

We can provide you with a quote on request and can offer you differing options based on your requirements and budget.

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