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Payment Terms


We will provide you with a quote that contains a complete list of items that we will be developing for your specified project. This quote will become our scope of works once it is accepted. Any work outside this scope will be quoted separately and must be agreed to prior to work commencing. 

As part of this quote we will provide a starting date for your project and an expected time frame. This time frame is based on the principle that all our questions, requirements and asked for information is provided in a timely manner. You will need to understand that if these articles are not supplied upon request it will extend the end date of the project and we will not be held responsible for any missed delivery time frames.

Payment Terms

Our payment terms are 50% of the quoted balance is payable prior to commencement of the projects.

Final payment is due prior to dispatch of any component of the completed project.

We will invoice you upon quote acceptance and provided that deposit payment is received within 4-5 business days, it will not affect our suggested time frame. If the payment is delayed so to will your project be. We do not commence any work until the deposit is receipted into our account. An accounts remittance advice will not be accepted as proof of payment. Payment received into our account will be the only possible proof of payment

When your project is nearing completion we will request the payment balance. This balance must be paid prior to dispatch of your order from our factory.


We are very committed to creating your engine room ventilation system to your complete satisfaction. 

Marine Air Flow has never had a significant challenge with regards to a clients satisfaction since our inception. This is VERY important to us and we aim to maintain that level of service to our clients.

Should you have any challenges with your equipment post delivery, please get in touch and we will be happy to chat. Should you just decide you no longer need the equipment, no refunds will be provided. Our projects are custom manufactured to you order and are not mix and match, therefore we will not issue refunds simply because you change your mind. We are however always happy to talk to you about options.