Engine Room Ventilation Systems

We manufacture moisture and dust reducing air intake grilles, AC & DC Fans & Fire Flaps (Air Dampers) for use in the marine industry and commercial plant & equipment rooms. Our products are Australian made and are packaged and shipped world wide. Our easy to install systems assist with such challenges as:

  • Engine room overheating
  • Salt spay and mist
  • Dust intake
  • Equipment corrosion
  • Smoky exhausts
  • Bad fuel economy


Moisture reducing engine room grille  


Air Intake Grilles

Our grilles remove the moisture from the air being inducted into your engine room.  Marine Air Flow engine room separator grilles can help to maintain the life of your engine room components, reduce operating costs and better manage operating conditions for your engine room equipment.

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Engine Room Fans

AC & DC Engine room fans for ventilation and to assist in the maintenance of your engine room components. By using our engine room fans you can reduce the operating temperature of your engine room in addition to improving the rate of ambient air change. Our fans are available in 12 or 24 volt options.  

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AC & DC Engine room cooling fans
Fire flaps - Air dampers

Fire Flaps - Air Dampers

We manufacture semi-automatic fire flaps to limit oxygen supply for safety and security in your engine room.  Our air dampers act to restrict the air entering your engine room to aid in fire control. They can also be set up to be remote activated if you require.

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Combination Systems

Combine all three products to create a custom Engine Room Ventilation system for you vessel. Tackle 3 of the most common engine room challenges with one simple to install system. Reduce salt degradation, increase air flow and address fire safety by installing a Marine Air Flow ventilation package.

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Combination engine room cooling systems