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How To Maintain Your Engine Room Ventilation Grille

We are often asked how to maintain your engine room intake grilles (mist eliminator grilles) after you have had them installed for a period of time.  

The grilles don't require too much specific care at all, however these are the steps and processes we recommend for servicing your intake grilles once they are installed.

  1. When you are washing down your boat ensure to give the grilles a thorough spray with good quality fresh water.    
  2.  If you have been out in heavy conditions that would have produced a high level of salt laden spray that may have dried in place, make sure to be extra thorough in these circumstances.  An example of this situation might be that you have been out on an extended fishing trip that was very rough heading out. It might have then calmed down for a leisurely steam back to port giving the salt time to crystallise on the grille vanes. While this won't be cause for any concern, if you can give the grille a good hosing down with fresh water (or even with a mild detergent mix) that will mean that next time you head out the vanes are clean and clear and performing to their best ability. 

That's it! That's all you need to do. A simple wash when you wash your boat is perfect. 

The grilles work via physics - there are no fabric filters or moving parts. In short the air flow velocity causes a centrifugal spinning of the air as it passes through the vanes, which causes the water mist particles to separate and drop into the base drain and out via the drain hose. This action takes the salt laden air and moisture with it negating any real need to rinse other than dock side on your return.

If you do have particulate filters on your grilles, you will see that they are removable and do require regular flushing to work to the highest capacity. These filters are enclosed inside a mesh frame and again, you simply flush with a hose thoroughly and leave to dry.

Our engine room grilles are fully fabricated from high grade alloy with no dissimilar metal's to prevent corrosion so that means no real maintenance on that front either. 

If in doubt, please get in touch and have a chat about your concerns. 
The crew on the Nelson Point having fun in the swell off Western Australia
The crew on the Nelson Point having fun in the swell off Western Australia