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DC Fan Speed Controller

Fan Speed Controller for DC Compact Fans

Our DC Fan Speed Controller allows you to speed up or slow down your connected fan. This gives you the ability to increase the fan speed when you are steaming or require a higher air speed while being also able to reduce the speed of your fans for when you are idling or in a situation where a quieter operating out put is required.

Designed and built to suit our 12" DC Compact Fans, this fan speed control unit is easy to install and simple to use. 

What does this system look like?

When installed, this Fan Speed Controller is a simple white plaque that is 190mm x 90mm in size, white in colour and with Blue text.

You have a speed control knob that can be rotated to the left to slow down the fans or to the right to speed up the fans. You can also change the air flow from forward to reverse.

Spec Data For Our DC Fan Speed Controller

Features of this product:

  • Manual Brushed DC Fan Speed controller 0-100% (no auto on this unit)
  • FWD/OFF/REV Options via switch
  • Max 20 amp output (i.e 1 only 12 inch 12v Mafi dc compact fan or 2 x 12 inch 24v)
  • 3 year warranty 

View or download the Spec Data Sheet for our DC Fan Speed Controller

Demo Video

Watch our demo video in which Brad shows us how simple it is to use this Fan Speed Controller.

Press Play to watch.


Our DC Fan Speed Controller is available for $480 + gst. You can purchase direct in our online store.

Please get in touch if you would like more information. 
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