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Mixed Flow Fans

Mixed Flow Inline Fans and Ducts:

Mixed flow fans are suitable when space is limited. Often used for toilets, fresh air vents, small rooms, battery cabinets and any space where our air diverters may not fit, these fans are available in a variety of sizes from 100mm diameter to 315mm diameter.

They have two speed settings, high and low and the speed is controlled via a switch on the fan.  Ducting can be supplied to suit these fans and is available in 5 meter lengths. This is the maximum length we recommend with these fans. They can be set up as a series as they pull from one side and push from the other which is how they often come to be called "blowers" or "blower fans".  

Grilles supplied with the mixed flow fans are typically an intake separator grille on the intake and a simple fashion grille on the outlet.

A full 3 year warranty is also supplied.

Mixed Flow Fans - Spec Data Sheet

Click on the link below to download our Mixed Flow Fans Specifications  Sheet (Spec Data Sheet).

Mixed Flow Fan Data Sheets

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Why Mixed Flow Fans?

  • Ideal for smaller area's where our fan diverters may not fit
  • Available in varying sizes
  • Can be linked in a series
  • Dual speed
  • Can pull and push the air. 


Mixed Flow Fan Pricing
Mixed Flow Fans:Cost:
100mm dia Round


150mm dia Round $250.00
200mm dia Round


250mm dia Round $450.00
315mm dia Round$600.00

NB: These prices are list prices. If you are a boat builder or interested in bulk quantities, please contact us for trade discounts.

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