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Directional Air Diverters

Fan Mounted Adjustable Air Diverters:

We now manufacture and supply directional Air Diverters that mount directly on the discharge side of our high volume or compact marine fans. These diverters can be supplied for both our High Volume Fans and our Compact fans

Air Diverters are ideal for directing the air supply toward specific engine room equipment for the purpose of supplying extra fresh air to that component. This enables you to supply air to a specific location in your engine room that may not currently be in the main stream air supply.

High Volume Fan - Air Diverters

The High Volume Fan diverters are custom designed for each application and are manufactured from marine grade aluminium. They are proportional to the size of the fan that is being used. Mounting plates are available for attaching the diverters to our air dampers. These Air Diverters are adjustable so as to be able to direct the airflow into the desired location in your engine room.
Marine Air Flow High Volume Fan Diverter mounted with an adapter plate to Air Damper
High Volume Fan Diverter, mounted to an Air Damper with our adapter plate.
High Volume Air Diverter front on view
High Volume Fan Diverter - front on view.
Marine Air Flow High Volume Fan Air Diverter - profile view.
High Volume Fan Air Diverter - profile view.
Two blade air diverters for DC compact fans

Compact Fan - Air Diverters

Our compact fan Air Diverters are supplied in a clip on - clip off manner. Each diverter can be twisted and removed from the fan itself, rotated 30 degrees and reconnected. This enables you to mount the fan with the knowledge that you can, if necessary, change the direction of the airflow in two simple steps.

Our compact fan diverters are supplied powdercoated black to match the fan housing.

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Why Divert The Air?

  • Directing the air towards a particular engine room component.
  • Ensuring correct air flow travel through your engine room
  • Assists with intake and outlet exchange air rates
  • Can help to mitigate the cost of fans in some installations

Performance Data - Air Diverters

Neither our High Volume Fan diverters or our Compact Fan diverters significantly change the air flow output from our fans. You can add the air diverters and be secure in the knowledge that they won't reduce air flow or affect your ambient change out.

Finished Product Details

High Volume Fan Diverter:
Finished to match intake grille. Can be supplied at brushed aluminium or powder coated to suit.
Stock sizes:
340mm dia | 440mm dia | 540mm dia | 768mm dia
Compact Fan Diverter:Powder coated black to match compact fans.
One size only (12") to suit compact fan.


Air Diverter Pricing
High Volume Fan Diverters:Cost:
340mm dia Round


440mm dia Round$660.00
540mm dia Round$720.00
768mm dia Round$820.00

Air Diverter Pricing
Compact Fan Diverters:Cost:
12" diameter


NB: These prices are list prices. If you are a boat builder or interested in bulk quantities, please contact us for trade discounts.

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