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Compact DC Engine Room Fans:

Our DC Compact Fans can now be purchased directly in our new Marine and Industrial Fans Online Store. 

Our DC fans have a smaller footprint and physical volume making them ideal for tight locations. They are significantly more cost effective, easier to install and wire. They do not handle significant pressure and have limited volume capacity (supply volume) at higher pressure. They can be banked (multiple fans installed together) for larger applications although in this situation our AC/DC High Volume Fans would probably be a better option financially. 

These DC Axial Fans are available in either 9" or 12" options. Both are available in 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC only.

As a general rule of thumb you could work on a single 9 inch fan per 150 HP and a single 12 inch fan per 450 HP.
We also supply mounting brackets for the 9 or 12 inch fans which are available in 45 degree or 90 degree angles and come complete with a finger guard. Mounting plates to attach these fans onto our Air Dampers are also available.

We can also supply Air Diverters to control the direction of air produced by the fans along with an Air-On-Demand system to control noise and air volume.

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DC Compact Axial flow fan.

Why Compact Fans?

How our Compact DC fans are suitable for:
  • Tight locations where space is limited
  • Easier installation and wiring
  • Air diverters available to direct air inside your engine room
  • Supplied with full installation kit and instructions.
  • 9 or 12" axial flow fans available.
  • IP68 rated.
  • US Coast Guard approved
  • Full 3 year warranty
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Our DC Compact fans can now be purchased online in our new Marine and Industrial Fans online store. Use the button above.

Performance Data - DC Compact Axial Fans

Compact Fan - DC Only

250x250x70mm (deep)
340x340x95mm (deep)
Fan Size:
9 inch diameter
 12 inch diameter
Air Volume:250 litres per second
 700 litres per second
Voltage:12 volt  (8 amps) or 24 volt (4 amps)
12 volt (19 amps) or 24 volt (9 amps)

Finished Product Details

Footprint:9inch - 250x250mm  12inch - 340x340mm
Materials:Housing from  Fibre Reinforced Plastic. Synthetic Impellors - Corrosion Proof.
Supplied Finish:Black

We have just released our DC Fan Speed Controller which enables you to adjust the fan speed of your 12" compact fans. 

DC Compact Fan - Spec Data Sheet

Click on the link below to download our Dc Compact Fans Specifications  Sheet (Spec Data Sheet).

Compact Fan Data Sheets

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Installation Instructions Including Instructions To Change Fan Flow Direction

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Looking for higher volume fans? Click the button below to go to our high volume fans page.

High Volume Fans


Compact Fans - All compact fans are DC powered.

Size12 Volt24 Volt
9" dia$250 + gst$250 + gst
12" dia$500 + gst$500 + gst

NB: These prices are list prices. If you are a boat builder or interested in bulk quantities, please contact us for trade discounts.

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