I would like to pass on my appreciation for the support and design of our engine room ventilation system for our vessel.  

When ever we had a question we could ring David and he would always have a answer. We received everything thing yesterday, and when I mean everything it was down to mounting nuts bolts screws and the correct drill bits and taps required for the whole install. 

Installing the 1 damper and 2 fan units and VSD units made it a breeze.  

On behalf of Taranto marine and Southern Cloud we would like to say thank you and looking forward to working with you in the future. 


David Taranto - Taranto Marine


Aiden Luke - Reelistic Townsville


Mate just a quick email with some photos of the finished project on Reelistic in Townsville. Thanks again for the great service, support and assistance throughout the whole project. Owner Cliff McCulloch of Northern Conquest Charters in Townsville is stoked with the job and says she is performing great with the increased air flow and no water ingress at all.

As for my side in the job we were blown away with the professionalism and quality from the first phone call through to the installation package included with everything that could be possibly need. They went straight in pretty much ten minutes per side to fit the grills and complete the project. Thank you.  

If you would like more photos of the inside fans etc just let me know, other wise we will catch you at the shows.


We had the final Cat sea trial yesterday.

Engine room temps have dropped significantly. On the first seatrial temps were in the mid 50C mark and the engines were struggling for air at max revs which limited max revs to about 2470rpm when spec is 2500rpm.

Yesterday boat easily pulled 2550rpm, engine room temps through the entire range were around the 35 -38C deg which is an excellent result!  

Also on sunday we had a wet trip home with a heap of spray, when we got in there was basically no water or spray to be found other than a little from one of the shaft seals, thanks for your assistance through the project, the results are outstanding and I'm sure in the long run the investment in the grills will reduce maintenance in the engine room.


Craig Findlay - Murrifin


John - Maritimo Boat Owner


Today I gave them quite a work out, I had the trim all out of shape for around 10 minutes(My brain was working backwards) in quite bad conditions, heading nose on at 31 knots (yes I had the boat going way too fast). With the windscreen wipers running flat out, you still could not see ANYTHING!!!!.  

There was so much water, I am sure we must have looked like a Sub!!!.  

We checked the back of the grills and in the box area between that and the grill into the engine room, there was ABSOLUTELY NO MOISTURE at all, ANYWHERE!!!. NONE ZERO, bone dry. I will still hold back giving you 10 out of 10 until I have run the boat for a few hours in bad conditions, but now I give you 9.5 out of 10.  

Fantastic/ and actually quite amazing.