Air Damper for a Riviera vessel
Riviera Air Damper
Stainless steel fire flaps
Stainless Steel Air Damper
Auto spring loaded air damper
Spring loaded Air Damper

Engine Room Air Dampers (Fire Flaps)

Air Dampers are a necessary requirement for any commercial in-survey vessel, and are also a good idea on non survey craft.

Typically Air Dampers are either triggered automatically or manually, and effectively close the air supply to the engine room to allow fire suppression equipment to work. We can manufacture and supply Air Dampers (Fire Flaps) either in conjuction with our intake grilles, or supplied on their own.

They can be mounted immediatly rear of the grilles, within the ductwork itself, on the bulkhead or deck head penetration, or any penetration that serves air in or out of the engine room.

Our Air Dampers come with a control cable that runs from the damper to an external location outside of the engine room space. This manual control is easily operated by disengaging the pull ring from the keeper bracket. This action trips the spring loaded damper louvre which closes off the air supply to your engine room. They also have a semi auto control. If there is fire or intense heat in the vacinity of the control cable (which is a synthetic material), the cable will melt and trigger the flap automatically.

If you use an Air Damper system, you will need to test and prove the system annually for a surveyor. To reset after this test simply repull the cable and re-engage the ring into the keeper bracker. It's very easy.  

Some Features:
  • Manufactured to size and shape.
  • No solenoids or electonics required.
  • Could be easily installed by an owner operator.
  • Manual or Automatic release.
  • Easy to reset after testing.
  • Can be supplied singly or in conjuction with air intake grilles.
  • Meets NSCV & USL code.
We can also supply air dampers to meet specific class requirements. (DNV, USL, Lloyds etc)


Finished product details:

Footprint Matches Air Grille footprint.
Materials: Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade. Fully Welded.
Supplied finish Acid stripped and dipped. Fully imersed chromated & powder coated to chosen colour.
  No dissimilar metals.
Action: Spring loaded louvre.
Cable: Synthetic stretch proof high tensile. Melting point of 120 degrees Celcius.
Powdercoating Yes - Again on request.


Air Dampers are available from $750 + gst. (AUD)

We have stock sizes of 400mm x 400mm x 100mm, or they are available customised to suit the size and shape of your application.


Air Dampers


Air Damper Combo System

Air Damper Combo System
Suit: Riviera 70  
Complete system: Air Grilles, Air Dampers, 

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Air Dampers for DC Fans

Air Dampers for DC Fans
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