Engine Room Ventilation - Combination Systems

We can supply both Combination Engine Room Ventilation systems that incorporate Intake & Outlet Grilles, Dorade (gutter) & simple duct work to mount DC Supply fans and Air Dampers. These systems are fully fabricated from marine grade aluminium and can be powdercoated to suit your colour choice.

A full integrated system can be quite compact and simple. This  means you can have a system that has the ability to seperate spray, mist and water, but also supplies large volumes of fresh air. You also have the ability to close off the air supply in case of engine room fires. The are an all in one unit that is simply installed from the external of the boat. They can be installed through transom of hull sides by simply cutting the appropriate size penetration and directly glueing/screwing the unit from the exterior of the engine room.

Instead of the traditional style of having air intakes and outlets on the deck side, which resulted in a high level of noise and smell, by using one of these systems you can avoid these issues without risking the ingress of salt mist and spray damaging your investment.

Our combination systems are typically used for:

  • Small tight applications.
  • Restricted budgets, but high air demands.


Performance Data  - Combination Systems

We have 2 different stock sizes: 200 litres per sec & 700 litres per sec.

Performance - 200 L/Sec
Penetration Size: 600w x 200h
Fan: Single 9" DC 12volt Fan
Air Dampers : Optional
Litres / Sec: aprox 200 L/Sec
Suitable for: Aprox 100 HP
Performance - 700 L/Sec
Penetration Size; 800w x 300h
Fan: Dual 9" DC 12V Fan OR Single 12" 12V Fan
Air Dampers: Optional
Litres / Sec: aprox 700 L/Sec
Suitable For: Aprox 450 HP


Multi combo systems can be quoted on request. They vary in cost depending on conditions, size and quantity ordered.


Combination Systems


AC Fans with Air Dampers and variable speed control system

Air Dampers, Fans & Controller
AC Fans with Air Dampers and variable speed control system.

Auto closing Air Damper with Air Grille and DC Fan combination.

Air Damper, Fan & Grille
Auto closing Air Damper with Air Grille and DC Fan combination.