Who We Are:

Marine Air Flow International is an Australian owned private company which manufactures specialised products for the marine industry. Our factory is based in Miami, on the spectacular Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.

The owners have been involved in the marine industry for over 20 years. Initially we were involved in the boat building industry in Western Australia, primarily producing aluminium vessels with focus on the local fishing fleets. After a move to Queensland in 1995, Brad Marsden (our general manager) was the workshop manager for a local company that built semi submersibles for international export, and aluminium vessels for the tourism industry.

After 2½ years with this company, he was invited to project manage a large architectural glazing project in Singapore. This gave Brad the chance to combine two of his favoured mediums, glass and stainless steel. Upon completion of this project, we returned to Cairns and started a local business that was responsible for specialist refit services for the marine industry.

After selling that business in 2004, Brad went fishing for a year. Literally! Every Monday night Brad and his mate Rod would head off down to Kuramine Beach (south of Cairns) for 2½ days of fishing and golf.

Always knowing he would stay in the marine industry, Brad wanted his focus to be a business style that avoided the time constraints and stress that doing marine refits gives you. Having had to develop their own ventilation equipment for refit clients engine room ventilation challenges during the last 10 years allowed Brad to see that there was a market for Australian made, affordable, long lasting engine room grilles, fire flaps and fans.

What We Do:

Drawing upon his extensive experience in the maintenance of commercial and fishing vessels, Marine Air Flow International was started with the sole purpose of creating a product to enable better engine room operating conditions, with the added advantage of promoting a safer working environment for all those in the marine industry.  

Marine Air Flow International is a business that knows first hand the problems experienced in an engine room environment and how best to combat the issue of salt and water induction into this operating space. Engine room equipment is not only expensive, but potentially dangerous situations can arise from the failure of any of these essential components.  

Today we manufacture engine room air intake grilles, fans and fire flaps to suit most private and commercial applications.