AC Fans for Fine Entry Marine
AC Fans - Fine Entry Marine
DC Marine fans mounted on air grille
DC Fans mounted on Grille
Ac marine fan in housing
AC Fan in housing

Engine Room Fans and Ventilation

We can supply both   AC   and   DC   fans for the purpose of assisting in the induction of air into and around your engine room.

Combustion engines require air to produce horsepower, to support combustion, and for cooling purposes. In a traditional marine engine room with natural aspiration (ie: no fans), the only air movement is due to the air being consumed to support combustion. Very little additional air enters or leaves the engine room. Without fan forced air being inducted into your engine room, the space gets warmer and warmer, forcing your engine to draw warm ambient air which is far from an ideal situation.

With fans introducing new cool air into your engine room you will enable all your engine room equipment to work more efficiently, while extending the mechanical life of this equipment.

We can also supply   Air Diverters   to control the direction of air produced by the fans.

Some Features:
  • Cooler operating conditions which can lead to increased performance.
  • Can extend the life of valuable plant and engine room components.
  • Custom made to suit your requirements.
  • Supplied with full installation kit and instructions.
  • Variable speed controllers available as an optional extra.

AC Engine Room Fans

Best Suited For:

Higher volume and higher pressure situations and applications. These AC fans are designed for a longer service life and will be suitable for larger engine rooms with high levels of running time. 


Performance Data - AC Fans:

AC Fan:   400mm x 400mm           
  Option 1  
Size: 400x400x300(deep)  
Voltage: 240V or 3Phase  
Operating Kw : 1.1Kw  
Litres / Sec: 1500 ltrs/sec @2800 rpm  
Noise: 90 Decibels  
  150 pa  

AC Fan: 500mm x 500mm
  Option 1 Option 2
Size: 500x500x300(deep) 500x500x300(deep)
Voltage: 240V or 3Phase 240V or 3Phase
Operating Kw : 1.1Kw .75Kw
Litres / Sec: 2200 ltrs/sec @2800 rpm 1500 ltrs/sec @1400 rpm
Noise: 91 Decibels 91 Decibels
Pressure: 200 pa 150 pa

AC Fan: 600mm x 600mm
  Option 1 Option 2
Size: 600x600x400(deep) 600x600x400(deep)
Voltage: 240V or 3Phase 240V or 3Phase
Operating Kw : 1.1Kw 1.5Kw
Litres / Sec: 2000 ltrs/sec @1400 rpm 2500 ltrs/sec @1400 rpm
Noise: 84 Decibels 90 Decibels
Pressure: 200 pa 200 pa

AC FANS: Finished product details

This information is listed as per the size of the Fan.
Footprint 400x400mm,  500x500mm, 600mmx600mm
Materials: Housing from  Aluminium Marine Grade.
Synthetic Impellors.
Supplied finish Housing Powder coated to selected color.

Yes - To any color on request.


Engine Room Fans


One of our team assembles the AC fans into the housings

AC Fan Assembly

A member of our team assembles the AC fans into the housings.

Air diverter mounted onto a DC Fan.

DC Fan with Air Diverter
Air diverter mounted onto a DC Fan.

DC Fans packed for shipping overseas.

DC Fans ready for Shipping 
DC Fans packed for shipping overseas.

DC Engine Room Fans

Best Suited For:

Dc Fans have a smaller footprint and physical volume making them ideal for tight locations. They are significantly more cost effective, easier to install and wire. The do not handle significant pressure and to have limited volume capacity (supply volume). They can be banked (multiple fans installed together) for larger applications although in this situation our AC Fans would probably be a better option financially.

DC Fans are available in either 9" or 12" options. The 9" fans are available as 12Volt DC only, however the 12" fans are available as 12 or 24 Volt DC.

As a general rule of thumb you could work on a single 9 inch fan per 150 HP and a single 12 inch fan per 450 HP.

We also supply mounting brackets for the 12 inch fans which are available in 45 degree or 90 degree angles.


Performance Data - DC Fans:

Footprint: 250x250x70mm (deep) 340x340x95mm (deep)
Fan Size: 9inch diameter 12inch diameter
Air volume: 250 litres per second 700 litres per second
Voltage: 12 Volt DC only 12 or 24 Volt DC

DC FANS: Finished product details

Footprint 9inch - 250x250mm  12inch - 340x340mm
Materials: Housing from  Firbre Reinforced Plastic.
Synthetic Impellors.
Supplied finish Black



DC Marine Fans:

Mounting brackets for DC fans in 45 or 90 degree options are available for $125 + GST

NB: These prices are list prices for direct sales. If you are buying quantities or are a ship builder, please contact us for competitive trade prices.

We have a lot of clients that are initially taken aback with the prices of these fans, but please remember that the value in these fans is from their Marine Specifications. They are:

  • Completely marinised. All nuts, bolts and screws are changed out for stainless steel fixings.
  • Fan impellors are fully synthetic.
  • Housings are Fibre Re-inforced plastic.
  • IP68 Rating (highly water resistant).
  • USCG approved.
  • Ignition Protected.
  • Fully reversible.
  • Continuous Duty (can run at 100%).
  • 2 years warranty.

In the 7 years we've sold these fans only 2 have been returned. One of which ran 100% of the time from installation. Over twenty thousand hours!

AC Marine Fans:

All AC fans available in 24V or 3Phase.


400x400 (x300 deep)

Opt 1  -  $2000 + GST
(2800 rpm. 1500 L/S @ 150pascals, 1.1Kw  90 Decibels)

600x600 (x400 deep)

Opt 1  -  $2800 + GST
(1400 rpm. 2000 L/S @ 200pascals, 1.1Kw  84 Decibels)

Opt 2  -  $2800 + GST
(1400 rpm. 2500 L/S @ 200pascals, 1.5Kw  90 Decibels)


500x500 (x300 deep)

Opt 1  -  $2280 + GST
(2800 rpm. 1500 L/S @ 150pascals, 1.1Kw  91 Decibels)

Opt 2  -  $2280 + GST
(1400 rpm. 1500 L/S @ 150pascals, 0.75Kw  85 Decibels)

NB: These prices are list prices. If you are a builder or interested in bulk quantities, please contact us for trade discounts.