Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to most of your questions below. Of course if you still have a query, please either call Brad on the number listed at the bottom of this page or submit the inquiry form with your questions.

What size and shape do they come?
The grilles are custom built to suit your application and can be almost any shape or size. We do have stock sizes so feel free to contact us about our stock sizes and shapes.

How fast can I get one?
The normal supply time is 4 weeks from placement of order, althrough an express service is available at an extra cost (aprox 10%).

What do they cost?
Grilles can be supplied for as little as $1200.00 + gst. A small investment to protect your engine room and its equipment.

Do you install them?
Full installation instructions are supplied so you can install them yourself. Or you could commission a local trades person to do so. They are relatively simple to install.

What maintenance is required?
Simply hose off with fresh water at the end of the days operation. A weekly wash with warm soapy water is recommended.

How long will they last?
With the correct maintenance, the grille will last the life of your engine.

How many do I need?
A minimum of 1 per engine room space.

How do I know what size I need?
By supplying some simple information to us, we can calculate your exact requirements. This can be done through our website or by direct contact.

Can I paint it?
The grille can be supplied powder coated to a wide range of colours of your choice. We don't recommend painting them.

Where can I get technical specifications?
All technical data can be accessed via our website. If you require any more info please contact us.

Where do you freight to?
Anywhere you like. You can find Marine Air Flow products in places like Dubai, Alaska, Tasmania, Philippines & the USA

Is freight included in my quote?
Not unless you specifically ask. Many companies like to use their own freight forwarders, so we can quote on freight to your door, or you can arrange pick up from our Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia factory. All our products  can be packed securely for freight if freight is required.

How can I pay for it?
We will supply you our banking information with your quote.

What are your payment terms?
As all our products are manufactured for each order, we do require 50% deposit before we commence work on your project. The remainder is payable prior to dispatch.

I don't want to pay for something I haven't seen. How can I get around that?
We are more than happy to facilitate a visit from one of your representatives to our factory to view your project either in development, or upon completion. Alternatively we can sms or email photo's of your project prior to packaging, or ready for shipping if you would like.

Do I have to pay tax on my purchase?
Of course - unless you are an international company (Non Australian operators) in which case we can remove the GST for export sales. You will have to specifically ask us to do so though.