Moisture reducing engine room grille  


Air Intake Grilles

Our intake and outlet moisture reducing grilles was the first product we developed. After spending 10 years in the refit industry in Cairns we could see a huge hole in the supply of good quality engine room ventilation equipment not just in Australia, but globally. This product was the start of it all...

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Engine Room Fans

We can supply both AC and DC fans either with your Air Intake Grilles or independently as well.   They are specifically built for use in a marine environment and are both long lasting and quiet. The fans can be supplied with directional diverters to assist in cooling a specific piece of equipment.

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AC & DC Engine room cooling fans

Fire flaps - Air dampers

Air Dampers (Fire Flaps)

Our air dampers are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and can be set up to activate based on an automated system, or via a manual release. Limiting oxygen supply to your engine room in the case of a fire is an essential part of your emergency plan. Talk to us about combining the Air Dampers with your intake and outlet grilles.

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Combination Systems

Reduce the salt laden air that is being introduced into your engine room, address over heating challenges and increase your fire safety standards by installing a complete Marine Air Flow ventilation package. 

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Combination engine room cooling systems