Directional Air Diverters

We now manufacture and supply Directional Air Diverters that mount directly on the discharge side of our fans. These diverters can be supplied for both AC and DC fans. The direction is pre-set in the factory so you will have to establish your air discharge angle prior to manufacture.


Fan mounted air diverters

Air Diverters are ideal for directing the air supply toward specific engine room equipment for the purpose of supplying extra fresh air to that component. This enables you to supply air to a specific location in your engine room that may not currently be in the main stream air supply.

They are proportional to the size of the fan that is being used, are custom designed for each applications from marine grade aluminium.


Prices are dependent on size, design and quantity and start from as little as   $135   + gst (AUD)


Air Diverters

Directional Air Diverters

DC Fan with Air Diverter

Air diverter mounted onto a DC Fan.