Marine Air Flow International

An A-60 Air Damper Set Heads To Norway

08.06.20 09:30 AM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
A set of class level A-60 Stainless Steel air dampers supplied with full ducting adapters to a Norwegian client for a military application.

Adding Ventilation Equipment When You Are Re-powering Your VesselĀ 

13.02.20 02:18 PM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
Repowering your vessel can be the perfect time to fit engine room cooling and ventilation equipment. While your vessel is on the hard stand and under a refit you can easily add intake grilles, fans or dampers.

How To Lower Your Engine Room Temperature

29.01.18 12:09 PM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
4 steps you can take to reduce the overheating problem in your boat's engine room.