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The Largest Intake Grilles We've Made To Date

21.10.20 05:14 AM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)

We recently delivered a project to the Port of Brisbane for their trailing suction hopper dredge the "Brisbane" (aptly named).  As part of the engine room ventilation system supplied, we manufactured a set of air intake grilles that were over 2100mm on the shortest side. They were in ...

No engine room is too small

22.04.20 08:17 AM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
No engine room space is too small for Marine Air Flow's intake grille protection. Even non walk around engine rooms still need air supply and salt and water protections.

Adding Ventilation Equipment When You Are Re-powering Your VesselĀ 

13.02.20 02:18 PM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
Repowering your vessel can be the perfect time to fit engine room cooling and ventilation equipment. While your vessel is on the hard stand and under a refit you can easily add intake grilles, fans or dampers.

How To Lower Your Engine Room Temperature

29.01.18 12:09 PM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
4 steps you can take to reduce the overheating problem in your boat's engine room.