Marine Air Flow International

Marine Air Flow Equipped Line Handling Boat by Dongara Marine

02.07.20 01:12 PM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
We are proud to show you the latest launch from Dongara Marine. A line handling vessel for Port Hedland complete with Marine Air Flow engine room ventilation equipment

Riviera Launches New Vessel With Marine Air Flow System

08.06.20 11:07 AM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
Marine Air Flow is proud to have been involved with Riviera's newest addition to its luxury motor yacht family, the new 64. Our virtually invisible intake system maintains her sleek lines and luxury look.

An A-60 Air Damper Set Heads To Norway

08.06.20 09:30 AM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
A set of class level A-60 Stainless Steel air dampers supplied with full ducting adapters to a Norwegian client for a military application.

No engine room is too small

22.04.20 08:17 AM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
No engine room space is too small for Marine Air Flow's intake grille protection. Even non walk around engine rooms still need air supply and salt and water protections.

Noise and Our Fans

15.04.20 07:50 AM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
We are frequently asked about noise levels for our fans. This article should give you a clearer understanding of the noise levels for our engine room fans.

Lessen Engine Room Component Damage

08.04.20 07:13 AM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
Avoiding serious corrosion and damage to your engine room components is completely achievable. By adding Intake Grilles to your vessel you can considerably lessen equipment corrosion and stress.

Team Member Profile - Joel our Store person

03.04.20 06:42 AM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
Joel is Marine Air Flow's store person. He is the one who packages and sends all our freight.

Team Member Profile - Jarrod A Fabricator

27.03.20 06:41 AM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
Jarrod one of our Fabricators is known as the quiet achiever. Very particular with his finishing, Jarrod's attention to detail means he is one of our integral team members.

Team Member Profile - Blake Our Production Manager

24.03.20 12:42 PM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
Blake, our Production Manager is our go to guy for anything you might need in the Marine Air Flow process. With us for over 10 years, he is a valuable part of our team.

Adding Ventilation Equipment When You Are Re-powering Your VesselĀ 

13.02.20 02:18 PM By Jenny Marsden - Comment(s)
Repowering your vessel can be the perfect time to fit engine room cooling and ventilation equipment. While your vessel is on the hard stand and under a refit you can easily add intake grilles, fans or dampers.